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"High Beam" or Beamer was the first Serval for my Savannah breeding program. This boy has an incredible temperment and bred a few of my girls producing only a few kittens. I was in the process of moving and did not have any pens built for any of the cats at the time, so I loaned him to my friend Janet. At the time she had 3 female Servals that were related to her males and she asked if she could use Beamer. Of course, Beamer was happy to oblige, and he became so settled in and comfortable that I decided to leave him with Janet and replace him with a son. Beamer now resides with Janet and is a very happy boy, with his beautiful harem of Serval girls!

Little Beam - Son of High Beam


New kid on the block!!! Sure to be a hit with all the ladies, new upcoming Savannah stud! DOB: 10-08-06

Pictured here at 5 months of age



This is a very sweet boy that loves all of the ladies. He has been producing some very lovely and high quality F1's. Look at the past kittens page to see some of his lovely offspring and also the Queens page for some of his grown daughters.




A1 Savannahs Rocky of Amara - F5C Savannah

Rocky is a very nice boy, great body and leg length, nice ears, profile, head, color and temperament. Rocky produces some outstanding kittens!

PK Def N/N

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