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Queens ... all girls produced here at Amara Savannahs

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Amara's Rachael Alexandra


Amara's Rachael Alexandra F1

Sire: Falkor
Dam: Skyhawk Sumatra of Amara F5 SBT

Very Very Beautiful girl. Extremely typey, beautiful head, long legs and body, great spotting, and lovely temperament. 10 months old

Amara's Painite

5 months old
Amara's Painite 75% F1 female out of Falkor and Chiku

Pictured here at 1 year of age.

Amara's Kioja


64% F1 female out of Ducha F2B and Beamer

This is my "Miracle" girl and 1st daughter out of Beamer, sweet as they come and hopefully she will be producing outstanding high % F2 babies before too long.

Amara's Zenyatta


Amara's Zenyatta F1

Sire: Falkor - Dam: Skyhawks Sumatra of Amara F5SBT

This lovely young lady has incredible type and temperment. She is Rachael's sister and is 10 months old in these pictures


Amara's Lolli

Amara's Lolli F1

Sire: Falkor - Dam: Amara's Sombra aka (Padme) Black DSH

Looks like Lolli just closes her eyes every time the flash goes off. Funny girl, I love this girl lots. She is just the sweetest, cool colored, black nosed princess! She is 6 months old in these pictures and hopefully will be producing beautiful F2 babies in the near future!

Amara's Moonshine

Amara's Moonshine F1

Sire: Falkor - Dam: Skyhawks Sumatra of Amara

Sweetest of sweet girls, will be producing lovely F2's summer of 2014

pictured here at 5 months of age

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